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Just in time for the end of the year The NIGHTCHILD return. In usual manner the new album “Watching You” is available as a 192kb/s free download as well as a regular download in high quality.

Since 12 years The NIGHTCHILD are a fix part of the east-european goth rock. With numerous albums and songs, which carry the spirit of classics like The Sisters of Mercy or Fields of the Nephilim in it, without sounding like a cheap copy, the ukrainian duo has gathered quite a lot of fans worldwide.

“Watching You” is the latest work of The NIGHTCHILD and offers, what fans like: driving guitars, catchy melodies, a dark atmosphere as well as the familiar distinctive voice of Nightchild A., who builds the heart of the band, which the press, due to the russian accent, often called a “Dracula voice”.

“Watching You” comes up with 12 new songs, which won’t disappoint fans of The NIGHTCHILD and offer an odissey through the dark and melancholic fields of modern goth rock. A release, which shouldn’t be missed in any collection.

“Watching You” is available from January 8th 2016 on on every well-known download stores, as well as from January 3rd already on as a free download on Cold Insanity Music and as a “name your price”-download on bandcamp.


Update: 03/01/2016, 09:50

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